New Alternative Chemistry Now Available for All Fujifilm Frontier Film Processors

                                                                                                                Download CPAC ColorPAC XLs & FilmPAC CNs 1 & 2 – tech Data Sheet.pdf

To compliment the full range of CPAC ColorPAC XLS & XLE Frontier Minilab Paper Processing kits, Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd offer the best alternative product to the original manufacturer for the Fujifilm FP363/ 563sc/ AL film processors.

As with all CPAC Premium Chemical products the R & D team at CPAC have analysed the market needs and implemented product improvements to the CN16s style product to build a superior film processing cartridge chemistry alternative.

The New Product is known as CPAC FilmPAC Processing Kit (CNS-1 x 2) and FilmPAC Processing Kit (CNS 2 x 2). As with all CPAC chemical products it is completely compatible with existing chemical systems and can be replenished on top without any need for adjustments.


CPAC's innovative chemistry formulations and packaging solutions have been at the leading edge of traditional photographic processes since the company entered the chemistry business in 1984.

CPAC Imaging now competes globally with recognised companies like Kodak, Fuji-Hunt and Agfa and continues to receive accolades from satisfied customers.

ColorPAC formulas are exceptionally clean running and maintain premium CPAC performance through all processing stages.

All products are supplied with Material Safety Data Sheets and backed by full technical support.

Catalog Number
Product Name
Packs per Kit
To Process
Process Type

FilmPAC Processing Kit (CNS-1 x 2)

2 Cartridges
200 Rolls 35mm x 24exp


FilmPAC Processing Kit (CNS-2 x 2)

2 Cartridges

1000 Rolls 35mm x 24exp


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