55192-310  RC Glossy 20.5x25.4 25sh (8X10)

55192-310 RC Glossy 20.5x25.4 25sh (8X10)

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ADOX MCP 310/312 RC paper is a premium resin coated photo paper that yields outstanding image quality.


This paper is made from selected raw ingredients which are all carefully tested for their photographic properties prior to emulsification. In advance of every coating, several test runs are undertaken on smaller machines in order to guarantee perfect consistency batch-to-batch. The result is the achievement of sharp blacks and an excellent tonal range, on a paper that dries easily. The emulsions for this paper are identical in all measurable parameters with the papers formerly sold by Agfa under the “Agfa Multicontrast Classic” name.


ADOX MCP 310/312 paper is among the most technologically advanced papers in the world. With four separate emulsions coated together, this paper yields a range of achievable contrasts from 0 to 5,5. Other variable contrast papers - especially those with only one emulsion layer - reach at the outermost a grade 4.


The ADOX MCP 312 surface can be best compared to Ilford´s 44M (Pearl) and Fomas 313 (Velvet). It shows deep blacks but no noticeable surface structure.


How long should my paper last?

From the date of production, this paper should keep its full properties for at least:

*3 years if stored at room temperature

*5 years if stored below 15°C

*8 years if stored below 6°C


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