Printing Photos is now FUN (again) & as easy as Sharing

PrintCube Unite

Welcome to pixolo PrintCube:
The Beautiful and Practical
Instant Print Solution

Since Smartphones are now
​our everyday camera, we want
to make Printing Photos
as easy as sharing them.
Then turn them into Amazing Gifts

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 Quick Fun & Easy
Photo Prints
Photo Prints
Photo Strip
Photo Strips
Frame Box
Frame Box
Frame Card
Magnetic Frame
Retro Photo
Photo Collage
Fun Sticker
Fun Sticker
Magnetic Sticker
Magnet Sticker

 Your memories to hold & cherish.
Designing and printing photos 
has never been easier
faster individual and unique
Photo Cards
Photo cards
Magnetic Clips
Magnet Clips

Beautiful, Practical 
and Most of all FUN!
A smart design that provides maximum flexibility, has a small footprint, and looks GREAT.

Range of PrintCube Configurations