The NEW 600 Series Canon LFP imagePROGRAF Range of Printers
Achieve exquisite Large Format Prints for Photo & Fine Art with 3x New Canon imagePROGRAF PRO 600 Series models

 Designed for photography and fine art, the new imagePROGRAF PRO line features the newly developed LUCIA PRO II¹ pigment ink designed to help improve the image quality from previous imagePROGRAF PRO Series Models while also enhancing resistance to light.

 Improved black density on art paper was achieved by changing the formulation and material of matte black ink and the colour gamut of the dark region was expanded by the adoption of a newly designed image table.

 The new ink set can also work to help produce and preserve prints as a crystalline wax has been added to the ink, giving the printed surface better resistance to abrasion-caused scratches on glossy and semi-glossy media.

 The reformulated Chroma Optimiser is designed to give the surface a clear coat of transparent ink that helps suppress bronze phenomena and reduce uneven glossiness.

 The new ink sensing system which periodically monitors the accuracy of the ink ejection and automatically maintains optimal ink placement position on the page to ensure high image quality.

 The intelligent media handling function automatically detects the paper type, width and estimated remaining amount of paper, plus it completes the paper feeding process in a shorter time than previous models. The automation of this process will help ensure stable operations even in the absence of skilled or experienced personnel. The addition of LED interior lights allows users to preview prints and semi-translucent ink tank covers allows users to monitor ink tank status.

Create Whatever You Want:

Fine Art

Direct Print Plus Software
Direct Print Plus

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NEW 600 Series Canon Printers
NEW 600 Series Canon Printers

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600 Series Canon imagePROGRAF Range of Printers