Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd (Trading as iPhoto)

Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd was established by Stuart Holmes and Rob Voysey in August 2003 with the aim of providing a range of quality photographic consumables to photolab operators and offers an unbeatable combination of:

• Superior Quality products,
• Better levels of Service than previously experienced, &
• Significant Cost Reductions, better value proposition.

With more than 250 years of industry experience in both Australian and overseas markets, we feel we can assist photolab operators to contain their consumables costs and remain profitable in a marketplace that is presenting increasing cost pressures.

Trading as iPhoto (www., the business is based in Sydney, Australia but has a distribution network that can reach labs throughout the country. We can offer not only superior quality products but top-quality technical sales backup and support for the full range of products we distribute, exceeding competitors' offerings in Quality, Service and Price.

The Founding Principals of the Company

Stuart Holmes – Managing Director

40+ years in the Australian Photographic Industry; Technical Sales, Marketing and Category Management experience with Kodak, Agfa and Hanimex (Fuji) as well as International Professional Lab Management, Minilab Owner/ Operator, and Professional Photographer by Trade (Member AIPP)

Rob Voysey – ‘Former’ Sales & Technical Director
35+ years in International Photo Industry Skills in Lab Engineering & Professional Sales. Rob recently took early retirement from iPhoto, he will be missed by all of those whom worked with him.


We are committed to independence - and support of independent photo retailers. Our founding principles are best explained by the following definitions of 'independent' from the Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary of 1996.

\In`de*pend"ent\, a. [Pref. in- not + dependent: cf. F. ind['e]pendant.]

      1. Not dependent; free; not subject to control by others; not relying on others; not subordinate; as, few men are wholly independent.
2. Affording a comfortable livelihood; as, an independent property.
3. Not subject to bias or influence; not obsequious; self-directing; as, a man of an independent mind.
4. Expressing or indicating the feeling of independence; free; easy; bold; unconstrained; as, an independent air or manner.
5. Separate from; exclusive; irrespective.
We are not aligned with any major consumables supplier and operate entirely as a stand-alone, Australian business that is dedicated to providing the best products at the best prices and with the best service support.

Personalised service is the watchword for this business. Lab owners and operators who become our customers can be confident of dealing with a supplier who understands their needs and is aware of the technical and quality issues involved in premium quality photofinishing. 

Our People – IPS Key Personnel – Australia & New Zealand Wide Service

Bruno Polito –General Manager - (Australia & New Zealand):  25+ years Sales and Marketing experience - Several years’ specific experience in the Australian Photo Industry – Includes key Marketing and National Business Manager roles (Minilab Consumables & Digital Imaging) at Fujifilm.

David Hill - National Sales Manager - (Australia & New Zealand): 35+ Years’ experience in the Australian & New Zealand Photographic Industry with extensive Technical and Sales Management experience in both the Australian and the New Zealand Markets. David’s background also encompasses Professional Laboratory Management and Process Control, National Sales Management for Fujifilm, and previous tenure as State Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, followed by roles within Kodak Australia - K/Pro National Sales Manager, Sales Manager Kodak On-Site Specialty, Grocery and Professional, Consumer Digital & Film Products Australia and New Zealand and, previously as Sales & Marketing Manager for Kodak Entertainment Imaging (ANZ)

David Slade – National QMiPhoto Quality Monitoring Support / & National Technical Manager: 40+ years in Photo Industry. Formerly Technical Director for Kodak Australia .Responsible for National IPS QC Process Monitoring.

Peter Hofland - National Technical Manager: 20+ Years experience in Equipment Maintenance & Service Specialising in Photo Industry Digital & Analogue Systems, particularly the Fuji Frontier 350 printers, SP500, 2000 & 3000 film scanners, 230B film processors and also Servicing 248 analogue printers, spending over 13 years working with Hanimex and Fuji installing and servicing both photo lab equipment, latterly as a senior technician specialising in software and kiosks till 2014.
Personally I'm excited by the New Drylab Products, particularly the Epson Surelab D3000 12in Printers, and the New Surelab D860 8in Backup Printer Range, the Photo Industry in general and Independent Photo (iPhoto) as a business. I also enjoy providing further dependable technical support resource to Sales and iPhoto Customers.

Darryn Fisk – IPS Business Manager – Professional Markets in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania: 30+ years of Photo Industry experience. Formally the Hardware and Digital Specialist (Capital Equipment & Consumer Photographic Products) at Fujifilm, Darryn’s expertise include territory and account management, and the sale of minilab equipment, consumables, and consumer photographic equipment into the independent retail, professional, and government markets of Victoria. Darryn’s skillset, professionalism, and approachable manner, has already built a strong customer rapport within the photo channel and is a valued addition to Independent Photographic Supplies’ support of the Professional Market in Victoria.

Brian Kearney – New Zealand Business Manager: 40+ Years in Photo Industry with Kodak, Konica & Fujifilm. Experience in Wholesale Photofinishing, Key Accounts Role with Major Customers, Sales and Marketing of Photofinishing, National Franchise Manager for 165 stores and for the last 15 years Sales of Consumables and Minilab Equipment. (One of the most credible Technical Sales people in New Zealand).

Graham Mears - New Zealand Customer Service & Technical Manager: 30 Years’ experience in the Photo Industry as a Technical Specialist and Trainer. Including 15 Yrs. with Hanimex working on Fuji Minilab Equipment, and 8 yrs. with Kodak working on Noritsu QSS Minilab Equipment, as well as 6 yrs. as an Independent Service Contractor, currently spending over 5 yrs. with Independent Photographic Supplies NZ Limited (iPhoto) as a Customer Service & Technical Manager supporting IPS NZ Customers with Consumables Sales & Equipment Support Services on all Brands of Minilabs, Including Epson Surelab Drylabs, Noritsu QSS Drylabs and along with ZBE Chromira Pro Wetlabs

The iPhoto Sales Team in Australia & New Zealand are committed to front line customer support. We believe that local representation and personal service is vital for the maintenance and growth of the independent photo specialty trade.


Our Products – Minilab Photo Specialty Stores:

iPhoto Australia/ & New Zealand also is the Exclusive Supplier to the Kodak Express Group of Photo Retail Specialty Stores supplying all Photographic Products including Kodak Premier Digital High Quality Ag-x Minilab Papers and the Full Range of Kodak Chemistry for both C-41 & RA-4 (& SM Cartridge Chemistry), along with Kodak Thermal Media for APEX and G4xx Series Kiosk Printers.

iPhoto Supports the Independent Photo Specialty Labs with Quality Kodak Silver Halide & Dry Solutions, as well as Noritsu Dry & Wet Minilab Equipment & Media’s, with marketing support in the form of the IPI (Independent Photo Imagers) Marketing Group Membership, see details at:

Our Products – Photo Specialty Professional/ Wholesale/ Commercial & Social Portrait Labs

iPhoto – Exclusive Agencies - Wide Format Media Range:

  • Felix Schoeller – iPhoto has had a long association with the Felix Schoeller Group of Companies and stock, Sells & Supports a Professional Range of Inkjet Wide Format & Minilab Drylab Medias along with excellent quality Felix Schoeller Professional Matte Canvas – See more Details at:      
  • BMG (Brand Management Group) – The Kodak K/ Pro Range of Drylab Papers (5x Surfaces – Glossy, Lustre, Fine Art Matte, Metallic & Canvas Paper Surfaces) were Internationally Pioneered by iPhoto to broaden the appeal and functionality of the State of the Art Epson Surelab 6x Ink Professional Lab Printers & Canvas Range – See more Details at:        
  • PremierArt – Professional Paper & Canvas Media & Coatings – iPhoto stocks the range of PremierArt Satin & Matte Canvas Medias including Archival Coatings and Print Lacquers

-   See more Detail At:              

iPhoto is the Australian & New Zealand Official Distributor of the Full Range of Kodak Professional & Consumer Ag-x Photographic Products, including the Endura suite of Premium Professional Quality RA-4 Colour Roll Papers & Display Film Media’s such as Kodak Premier Digital, Endura Premier, Endura Metallic and Duratran’s/ Clear Media’s in all sizes & surfaces.

Kodak Professional also hosts a range of Inkjet Water Soluble Medias as well as short run Digital Press Media’s for Kodak NexPress Digital Colour Press, HP Indigo & Electrostatic Thermal Printers.

iPhoto is the exclusive Distributor of the Full Range of CPAC Premium Quality C-41 & RA-4 Photo Chemistry CPAC/ Champion Photo Chemistry combines superior packaging with ‘Batch to Batch’ consistency & unique ground breaking ‘firsts' in product innovation, including New Single-Part Chemical Technology & Odorless Chemistry. All developers are sealed under Argon Gas to prevent bottle deformation & oxidisation, ensuring product longevity & superior shelf life.

iPhoto Technology Equipment – Professional Lab & Photo Specialty Retail Systems:

iPhoto is the Official Sales & Distribution Partners in Australia & New Zealand for a number of World Leading Photographic Equipment Brands, such as:

  • ZBE Chromira Professional Digital Colour Printers:

The Chromira 30in & 50in Stand alone Digital Printers/ & the World Beating ZBE Chromira 30in Printer/Processor Units High Quality Ag-x Silver Halide Wide Format Printers are Sold & Technically Supported by iPhoto. See Details at:    

  • Rockwell Auto Chemical Mixers:

Rockwell Auto Chemical mixers have been the standard in large lab automatic Chemistry Mixing for batch to batch consistence, sold & Technically Supported by iPhoto
– See Details at:               

  • Colenta AG-X Professional RT (Roller Transport) Processing Machines:

High Quality Industry Standard Professional Processing Equipment for Colour Paper (RA-4); Negative film (C-41); Positive film (E-6) and Black & White film.

  • Canon Dreamlabo 500 – Digital Press System:

Canons amazing Dreamlabo 12in Duplex Digital Press for Extreme High Quality Photobooks and Photographic Printing Output is available from Independent Photo (iPhoto) and dovetails perfectly with our Dakis Online & Instore Kiosk eCommerce Software System
See more Details at:               

  • Epson Surelab – Drylab Inkjet Printing Systems:

Offers a superb range of Professionally Profileable Digital Dry Inkjet Minilabs from the compact desktop Surelab D700/ D860 8in/ A-4 Roll Digital Printer, to the unbeatable Surelab 12in D-3000 Drylab available in Single Roll ‘SR’ or, Dual Roll ‘DR’ Versions

  • Scalable Lab Print Volume Output: All Epson Surelab Printers (D700/ 860 & D3000 ) have the capability of being ‘Daisy Chained’ to work together with Scalable Increased Print Output with the bespoke iPhoto Workflow Manager Software and, iPhoto Server Dashboard Software Package which controls the flow of orders to individual printers
    - See details at:   

  • Professional Profiling Service: iPhoto will Set up and Calibrate your Surelab Printer and produce Custom Bespoke Professional Profiles for your IPS Range of Professional Media perfectly matched from every printer, giving excellent redundancy and flexibility of operation.

  • iPhoto (PM & E Agreement) Preventative Maintenance & Emergency Agreement: Extends the Service Life of your Epson Surelab D3000 beyond the Manufacturers 3 Years Parts & Labour Warranty with iPhoto’s Superb Online Technical Support & Onsite PM & E Service Agreement covering 1x PM Call Per Annum for Years 4 & 5 for all Parts & Labour as well as Online Diagnostics Plus 2x Emergency Call Outs per Annum
    – See more Details at:         
  • iPhoto Technical Services Rate Card: Full suite of iPhoto Technical Support Services available for One Low Annual Support Fee of $995.00 (+GST)

  • Epson Wide Format Printer Range:

IPS Sells and Technically Supports the entire Professional Range of Epson Wide Format Printers from A-2 to 60in Grand Size – See Details at:      

  • Canon Wide Format Printer Range:

IPS Sell & Supports both the “Red & the Blue” Brands (Canon & Epson Professional Printers) of Professional Wide Format Printers from 24in to 60in 12 Colour Professional Printers fully supported with IPS Custom Media Profiles

iPhoto Summary Support:

  • All Photographic Chemistry is Supplied with Australian & New Zealand Specification (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheets – See Details at:
  • All Products are Fully Backed by Technical & Chemical Quality Control (IPS Q.C. Trusted Service) – See Details at:     
  • Full Professional Digital Profiling Support available for all iPhoto Paper Media Products & Chemistry Customers – See Details at:
  • iPhoto also Supplies a Full Range of Digital Media, Inks & Coatings for the Photo Specialty Market – See Details at:
  • Customers Orders are placed directly with iPhoto Sales Representatives, also by e-Mail, Fax, Phone or, Online Ordering via our e-Commerce Platform.
  • Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd (iPhoto) has been Making News ever since the Company’s Inception in 2003 – See our Significant News Milestones at:               

iPhoto – The Professionals Choice


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