Independent Photo - IPS Q.C. Quality Monitoring Service

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IPS has developed a custom built Quality Control Monitoring Service and already provides Q.C. process control for over 200 Independent Photo Minilabs Australia wide.

Unlike other major suppliers
who have taken the emphasis away from Q.C. Monitoring Support, IPS maintains that the Monitoring of Photographic processes is now even more critical, as it:

  • Saves Money by reducing Print & Chemical Waste
  • Saves Time in faster colour & density matching of reprints
  • Is vital to True Consistent Quality
  • Emphasises the ‘Point of Difference' of using a Owner Operated Minilab & shows Market Differentiation against Mass Merchant's cut price photofinishing

IPS QC Service is provided at No Additional Expense for all users of CPAC Quality Chemistry as supplied by Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd.

IPS offers fast and valid responses directly to the lab via email (including Q.C. Graphs and recommended actions if required), this maintains consistently high standards and processing records, whilst identifying potential trouble spots which can act upon to prevent production loss and customer dissatisfaction.

All IPS Technical Sales Representatives are copied in on the email reports and will follow up with technical visits to the lab concerned as required. We want to give maximum assurance that you will have quality, trouble free processing with the benefits of economical photo production.

All Control Strips are supplied with Quality Monitoring Self Addressed Mailing Envelopes ; once the strips are processed in your lab simply identify the mailing envelope with your shop stamp and send to the nearest IPS Q.C. Monitoring Location as indicated below.

Catalogue Number Description Pack Size
QC41-QC 1803709 - Kodak C-41 Film Control Strips 35mm x100Ft. 100ft Roll (100 Strips)
QCRA-4-25 8982746 - Kodak RA-4 Paper Control Strips 25 Strips/ Pkt.

State IPS Q.C. Monitoring Service Addresses Attn. Contact Phone # Email Address
VIC, TAS, SA P.O. Box 183 , Lower Plenty VIC 3093 Mr. David Slade (0423) 775 150 Email Form

Contact your local Independent Photographic Supplies Technical Sales Agent – See Contact Map for detail