Photos With Magnetic Clips & Decorative Cord are FUN & as easy as Sharing

Magnetic Clips With Decorative Cords


Whether as an accessory to our magnetic frames and mounts or simply to attach favorite snapshots to the fridge: Our magnetic photo clips create space to present your photos or other memorabilia and can be easily attached to any magnetic surface.

Connect the colored wooden clips with the decorative twine to create a stunning overall effect – an absolute highlight for interior fans and perfect as a gift for a favorite person!

Set contains 10 magnetic clips incl. decorative twine

Wooden clips in different colors

With magnetic backside

Can be combined with magnetic frames and more

Sustainable material

Proudly display you photo, greeting cards and more!

Do you also have a box of souvenirs that reminds you of beautiful moments in your life? Photos of you and your loved ones, festival tickets, postcards with beautiful motifs or handwritten notes from friends – if you’re like most people, you often stick to the plan of turning all these mementos into a scrapbook or another great DIY project.

We think: Your treasures deserve more attention! To make them make you smile every day, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to decorate them in your home.

This is where our Magnet Clips come into play: The magnetic photo clips are not only suitable for attaching photo prints, collages etc. but for all kinds of memorabilia. In combination with our Frame Box or our Frame Card you can for example decorate the framed picture of your festival crew with concert tickets or your festival lanyard – our magnetic wooden clips make it possible! But also simply attached to the fridge, our magnetic clips with your photos and souvenirs make a real impression.


Make Unique Photo Gifts - Quickly & Easily 

Even if you are still looking for a decorative DIY wedding or birthday gift, our magnetic clips are at hand: Just grab a nice photo, for example a photo strip in the iconic photo booth style or a print in the trendy retro look, put it in our magnetic frame and attach a voucher or nicely folded banknotesto it with the help of the magnetic clips. Get started right away and create personal photo gifts with pixolo!

All you need is your smartphone and the pixolo app:

  1. Choose your favorite photos and your desired pixolo photo product.

  2. Choose the design and format.

  3. Print your photos in the pixolo store itself via QR code.

  4. Combine your finished artwork with other pixolo products if you wish.

  5. Present your DIY photo gift to a selected person!

Deco tip for your photos:

Tip: To give your photo artwork the finishing touch, you can decorate it with our colorful fun stickers in 3D look. Our cute magnetic chalkboards for self-labeling are also a real eye-catcher!

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