IPS Brand "Fighting Paper"
is designed for the Independent Photo Specialty Market to assist you to "Fight Back" against the “Everyday Low Prices” of the Mass Trade and Supermarkets by ‘Differentiating the Offer’ with IPS Fighting Paper for your Promotional Activities, while offering Premium Print Services on the higher Grade Kodak Professional Range of papers including: Kodak Brilliance, Endura Premier, Endura Metallic Media’s (Full Digital) for the discerning Photo Consumer, thus Not Trashing Your Brand!

IPS Brand "Fighting Paper" is actually a World Class Manufactured Product for Independent Photo (IPS) with excellent quality designed for Digital or Analogue exposure, which produces pure 'Whites' and full range of 'Skin Tones' suitable for Quality Photofinishing.

IPS Brand "Fighting Paper" helps put the profitability back into Photo Specialty with IPS's Fair Pricing Policy of same price per m2 across all sizes - Call your local IPS Representative for more details.

Key features include:

  • Superb Print Quality
  • Excellent Base Whites
  • Brilliant Colour Reproduction
  • Fine Skin Tone Separation
  • Excellent Print Stability
  • Fully Supported by IPS QC Trusted Service Quality Monitoring & Digital Colour Profiling Service

Min Ctn.

Qty. Order
102G-186P-4 IPS 10.2cm(4in) x 186m GLOSS 4 Rolls 18.97 4
127G-186P-2 IPS 12.7cm(5in) x 186m GLOSS 2 Rolls 23.62 2
152G-186P-2 IPS 15.2cm(6in) x 186m GLOSS 2 Rolls 28.27 2
203G-90P-2 IPS 20.3cm(8in) x 90m GLOSS 2 Rolls 18.27 2
254G-90P-2** IPS 25.4cm(10in) x 90m GLOSS 2 Rolls** 22.86 2
305G-90P-2 IPS 30.5cm(12in) x 90m GLOSS 2 Rolls 27.45 2
** Indicates Indent Line Only
102L-186P-4 IPS 10.2cm(4in) x 186m LUSTRE 4 Rolls 18.97 4
127L-186P-2 IPS 12.7cm(5in) x 186m LUSTRE 2 Rolls 23.62 2
152L-186P-2 IPS 15.2cm(6in) x 186m LUSTRE 2 Rolls 28.27 2
203L-90P-2 IPS 20.3cm(8in) x 90m LUSTRE 2 Rolls 18.27 2
254L-90P-2 IPS 25.4cm(10in) x 90m LUSTRE 2Rolls 22.86 2
305L-90P-2 IPS 30.5cm(12in) x 90m LUSTRE 2 Rolls 27.45 2

Contact your local Independent Photographic Supplies Technical Sales Agent – See Contact Map for detail