Agfa Paper Box Chemistry – for use in Agfa D Lab 1 Agfa D Lab 2 Minilabs

Agfa Paper Box Chemistry – for use in Agfa D Lab 1 Agfa D Lab 2 Minilabs CPAC's new ColorPAC™ DL RA Paper Processing Kit “drops in” as a direct replacement for Agfa's Easy Paper Box 110 cartridge chemistry – with no dumping or interruption to your process!

Engineered by the same team that introduced the award-winning ColorPAC XLS for the Fuji Frontier, ColorPAC DL delivers premium performance for the Agfa D-Lab 1 and D-Lab 2.

For owners of Agfa D Lab 3's that use conventional chemical replenishment systems, CPAC have available the range of RA-DK/20 P1, P2 and P3 chemicals. Many D Lab 3 owners around the world are enjoying the exceptionally clean running CPAC formulas coupled with process stability like no other producing excellent print quality.

This exceptionally clean running formula will produce the deep blacks, pure whites, and bright colors you need…our guarantee.



Catalogue #    
Pack Size
Machine Typ
ColourPAC DL Paper Processing Kit   PC x 2 Agfa D Lab 1 Minilab,
Agfa D Lab 2 Minilab,
Agfa Netlab
C40P1-4164 RA-DK/20 Developer/ Replenisher 6 x 10Ltr. Agfa D Lab 3
RA-DK/20 Bleach/ Fix Replenisher 4 x 10Ltr. Agfa D Lab 3
C40P3-4164 RA-DK/20 Print Rinse Conc. 24 x 10Ltr.  Agfa D Lab 3
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