Tetenal Eco-Jet Tablet Chemistry (for Konica Minilabs)

Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd is the Official Distributor in Australia, New Zealand & Oceania for the latest Tetenal manufactured and branded (Konica) Eco-Jet Tablet Chemistry exclusively made by Tetenal AG & CO KG

The Tetenal chemicals in tablet form are designed for Konica Minolta Eco-jet (R-series) and Noritsu Ecojet (series 35/32). This outstanding system offers a simple and clean handling, enormous savings in time, odourless chemistry, the highest level of economic efficiency and high process stability.

The Eco-Jet Tablets are available for the following  Minilab RA-4 Paper Processors -                               

  • Konica R1/ R2/ R3 Digital & the 878/ 858J Analogue
  • Noritsu QSS 3201/ 02/ 03, 3501/ 02J
  • The latest series Noritsu QSS 3701/ 02J HD 64 Dpi Series Labs

There are also available special Refill Cartridges should you require topping up individual processing baths should your processor replenishment system get out of sync.**

Catalog Number
Product Name
To Process
Process Type


Konica Paper Tablet Chemistry

388m2 of RA-4 Paper



Catalog Number
Product Name
Spare Refill Cartridge
Process Type


Konica Paper P1 Tablet Refill Cartridge

Paper Developer



Konica Paper P3 Tablet Refill Cartridge

Paper Stabiliser


** This can be avoided by regular Q.C. Process Monitoring using IPS QC Trusted Monitoring


Tetenal Eco-Jet Tablet Chemistry (for all Eco Jet Minilabs)

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