CPAC Provides the Largest Range of Wholesale Lab Chemistry in Australia


Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd are the Professional lab experts in Australia, and as such are best placed to cater for the Wholesale/ or Professional Lab Manager/ Owner.

IPS has a full tailored range of Bulk Packs of CPAC Chemistry in C-41 and RA-4 Chemical Processes that are suitable for use in all existing chemical delivery systems or with the revolutionary Rockwell Hi-Tec Automatic chemical mixers. See page on Rockwell Mixers .

The Rockwell Chemical mixers are able supply one or more processors keeping the replenisher storage tanks full at all times. Due to the modular construction, 2, 4 or 6 solution units are available. The units are floor standing so can be adjacent to the processor or remote to suit the requirements of the lab.

IPS has the largest range of Developers & Bleach Fix types as well as pack sizes available in Australia to suit all types of Lab environments from smallest Micro Lab to Bulk Chemistry users in Wholesale Finisher Labs.

This gives the Lab Manager a wide choice of Developer replenishment rate products to suit their processing requirements from LR (Low Replenishment) Developers at 45Mls per m2 to High Rep. Rate Roller Transport Chemistry at 215Mls per m2.


There is also a complimentary range of Paper Bleach Fixes to match this range of Developer Replenishment Rates from (LR) Low Replenishment to (RT) High Roller Transport.

All products are supplied with Material Safety Data Sheets and backed by full technical support.

Catalogue # Product Name Pack Size Process Type Replenishment Rate
RA-4 Developer Range (P1)
C10P1-1110 CP-1 RA Developer Rep. 6 x 10L RA-4 161mls/ m2
C10P1-1115 CP-1RA RT Developer Rep. 6 x 10L RA-4 215mls/ m2
C10P1-1117 CP-1 RA-RT Develop Rep. 4 x 25L RA-4 215mls/ m2
C10P1-1113 CP-1RA RT Developer Rep.* 154L RA-4 215mls/ m2
C10P1-1139 CP-1 RA PRO 108  Developer Repl.* 120L RA-4 108mls/ m2
  * Designed to suit Rockwell auto mixer  
C10ST-1101 RA Dev Starter Conc 6 x 1L RA-4 Refer Startup Tank Instructions
C10ST-1101B RA Dev Starter Concentrate 1L RA-4 Refer Startup Tank Instructions
RA-4 Bleach Fix Range (P2) and (P3) alternatives
C10P2-1265 RA-SPC/215 Bl-Fix 4 x 10L RA-4 215mls/ m2
C10P2-1266 RA-SPC/215 Bl-Fix Rep. 3 x 20L RA-4 215mls/ m2
C10P2-1212 RA Bleach-Fix Rep. Part A* 100L RA-4 215mls/ m2
C10P2-1213 RA Bleach-Fix Rep. Part B* 100L RA-4 215mls/ m2
C10P2-1292 RA-SPC/108 Bl-Fix Rep.* 80L RA-4 108mls/ m2
C10P3-1308 Print Rinse Conc. 24 x 10L RA-4 250-322 mls/m2
Or  C10P3-1396 SM Conv.Print RinseConc. 6 x 150L RA-4 250-322 mls/m2
CODE DESCRIPTION Pack Size Process Type Replenishment Rate
C41 Developer Range
  LTN Film Dev/Repl. HiRep (Special Hi Rep. Rate Dev/ 50ml Repl. Ideal for today'slower film processing volumes) 4 x 5L C-41 50ml
C20N1-2110 LRN Film Developer Rep. 4 x 10L C-41 23ml
C20N1-2112 LRN Film Developer Rep. 2 x 50L C-41 23ml
C41 Bleach Range
C20N2-2277 RA Odorless Bleach Rep. 2 x 5L C-41 5mls
C20N2-2235 C41 Bleach Part A  1 x 50L C-41 33mls
C20N2-2236 C41 Bleach Part B  1 x 50L C-41 33mls
C41 Fixer Range
C20N3-2378 C41 RA Fixer Rep. 3 x 10L C-41 33mls
C20N3-2380 C41 RA Fixer Rep. 40L C-41 33mls
C20N3-2375 C41  Fixer Rep. 4 x 10L C-41 33mls
C41 Stabiliser Range
C20N4-2418 XLF Stabiliser Rep. 24 x 10L C-41 33mls
C20N4-2422 XLF Stabiliser Rep. 6 x 100L C-41 33mls
C-41 Dev. Starter Starter Range
C20ST-2101 Color Film Dev. Start.conc 6 x 1L C-41 Refer Startup Tank Instructions
C20ST-2101B Color Film Dev.Start.Conc. 1L C-41 Refer Startup Tank Instructions

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