Lab Software for Printing Workflow Automation - IPS Order Manager


The IPS Order Manager automates your printing workflow. It gathers orders for printing and manages your production workflow the way you want it. The IPS Order Manager automates your printing workflow and streamlines your operations by managing and processing photo orders received from the Dakis online photo solutions and in-store photo kiosks. Best of all you have total control of how you want to handle your print jobs.

 The IPS Order Manager transfers images downloaded by the Dakis Job Downloader to output printer devices; Noritsu, Fuji minilabs or hot folders. Minilab output generates job folders and files that are processed by the minilab software. The minilab inputs the files and prints the images. Hot folder output is designed for images that are printed on a wide format ink-jet printer or gifting products (mugs, t-shirts etc.)

 There are 2 Software Versions: Standard & Professional

 STANDARD VERSION: Includes basis colour management; converts images to sRGB for Fuji/ Noritsu/ Agfa Printers to ensure correct colour, but does not support custom profiles.

  • PDF Output (e.g. for Presses, such as Xerox)
  •  Noritsu Hot Folder (needs Noritsu Hot Folder Software)
  • Fuji PIC Pro
  • PDF
  • Roes Orb
  • Custom ICC profiling

 ICC Profile Conversion for all Outputs: If the lab has a custom profile for their printer, this profile can be used to convert images as they are sent to the Printer.

    • Affordable initial Fee
    • Very affordable annual license fee
    • No support or service call fee
    • Software updates included