Large Production Lab Environment:

From the Largest Wholesale or Professional Production Photo Lab – to the Smallest Single Print or Micro Multi-Print Solution, IPS Imageflow Software has an Integrated Workflow Solution for your business. While dedicated to Epson Surelab SL D3000 & D700 Printers, IPS Imageflow Software will integrate with virtually all currently supported digital printers in the market today – both Wetlab and Drylabs. Epson Surelabs offer identical printing capabilities from ‘Printer to Printer’ that has been proven not to drift over time. Extensive field testing has shown that the Surelab SL D3000 Technology is the most Stable Professional Digital Print Solution available to date.

IPS Work Flow Manager Pro

Totally flexible print management hub for high volume printing to Multiple Epson SL D3000 Printers

  • High Speed productivity by splitting large jobs across multiple printers
  • Print summary ‘Index Print’ makes collation simple and effective
  • Can work in ‘Full-Automatic’ Mode, directing orders to next available Printer(s) or cueing to printer(s) with lowest print count
  • Can set ‘auto- breaks’ in large print jobs to efficiently spread large orders across available printers
  • Picks up XML Data to set image back printer on a per print basis
  • Recognises printers designated for testing or maintenance
  • Unlimited capacity!
  • Jobs directed based on paper and sizes available

IPS Dashboard Software Status Shows:

    • Current real-time Ink/ Paper and operational status of each Epson SL-D3000 Printer
    • Pre-warning on immanent Ink and Paper changes
    • Printer cue status

    IPS Imageflow Monitor

    Displays a full history of every paper and ink status change on the SL D3000 Printer. It also saves it to a local and remote SQL database for reporting and analysis.

    IPS Imageflow Monitor reports on lab performance printer by printer.  Use to optimise production and ink coverage; plan preventative maintenance; identify potential problems through efficiency reviews. Reports extracts to Excel spreadsheet.

    Medium and Small Lab Environment:

    IPS Imageflow Manager

    IPS Imageflow Manager converts printing data from numerous input sources to your chosen print solution.

    Print and Order Data coming from any Photo Kiosks; downloaded from an on-line ordering solution or mobile platform are auto cued in your printers work flow.

    You are not limited to the Printer devices specified by the Kiosk or Software Manufacturer.

    Current versions automate printing to Epson Order Controller with Surelab Printers; Noritsu Easy Controller (Wet or Drylab) and any Windows Printer.

    Data can be sourced from various input formats, either Kodak, Noritsu and Fuji data formats.

    Output Formats Supported:

    Noritsu (Net Order, Hot Folder), Fuji (PIC, JobMaker, and C8), Epson DPOF, Agfa D-Workflow, Windows Printer and Hot Folder.

  • IPS Imageflow Express

Fast data transfer with minimal operator input. Watches multiple folders and picks up orders in various formats: Noritsu DPOF, Noritsu Hot Folder, Fuji C8.

Imageflow watches the input folders for incoming orders. When printing to multiple printers the first available printer that has the correct size and surface is selected.

NB - If more than one printer is available, then the printer with lowest print count is selected.

Jobs are auto-cued based on media type and size currently loaded. Enhance lab productivity is offered with these options:

  • Flexibility: Each printer can have different paper sizes/surfaces loaded to reduce the need to reload paper rolls
  • Speed: Multiple printers can have the same size/surface to print multiple orders at the same time

Example: Print multiple print types to multiple Epson SL D700 Printers.



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