That's all fine, but how does it work?

The Order Manager sends images downloaded by the Dakis Job Downloader to output devices such as; Noritsu printers, Fuji minilabs or hot folders. Minilab output generates job folders & files that are processed by the minilab software.

The minilab then inputs the files and prints the images. Hot folder output is designed for images that are printed on a wide format ink-jet printer or gifting products ( such as photo mugs, t-shirts, canvas prints etc.)

Versions & Outputs

There are 2 software versions set by the license: Standard & PRO.

The Standard Version: provides basis colour management;
converts images to sRGB for Fuji/ Noritsu/ Agfa Printers
to ensure correct colour, but does not support custom profiles

The PRO Version: provides PDF Output (e.g. for Presses, such as Xerox)
 Noritsu Hot Folder (needs Noritsu Hot Folder Software)
Fuji PIC Pro
Roes Orb
Custom ICC profiling.

  Affordable initial Fee.
Very affordable annual license fee.
No support or service call fee.
Software updates included.

 Standard Version              PRO Version

~ Fuji Landscape

~ Fuji Jobmaker

~ Fuji C8/MS13

~ Fuji Pic

~ Noritsu Network terminal

~ Hotfolder

 ~ Windows Printer

~ ZBE Workstream

~ Epson Order Controller

~ Wallet

~ Frontline

~ Agfa DWorkflow

  • ~ Fuji PIC Pro

    ~ Output to PDF format

    ~ Output to PDF for press printing

    ~ Noritsu Hot Folder setup

    ~ icc Profiles

The Technical Details:

 System software requirements:  Additional requirements:
  • Windows 10,32 or 64bit, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or later*
  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 64 bit is preferred & will give the best performance. Windows XP is no longer supported
  • Must be on same network as Job Downloader
  • Sufficient disk space for image file storage
  • IPS Order Manager is installed in a specific user account. This same user must be logged in to use it
 *If required, these components are installed during the application install procedure  

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