Hahnemühle Photo Papers

Hahnemühle Philosophy & History
Hahnemühle produces papers with passion and a focus on quality. For centuries now, papers characterised by the ‘Rooster’ have been used by artists or as reliable media for technical applications.  

In the late 1990 the first Fine Art Inkjet papers were developed based on traditional artist papers. The highly awarded Digital FineArt Collection is the worldmarket leading paper range today. Galleries, museums and collectors trust in papers "Made in Germany".

Hahnemühle is the pioneer in this area and remains the world leading provider of fine-art inkjet papers.   

Today´s portfolio comprises traditional and digital FineArt papers for painting, printing and life science applications as well as specialty paper. All paper grades are manufactured according to old recipes from high-quality cotton fibres, cellulose or fast-growing plant fibres and pure spring water. Hahnemühle is the inventor of Digital FineArt papers for inkjet printing and art reproduction. As a pioneer and world market leader, Hahnemühle continuously refines its genuine artist papers for exclusive prints of photographs, digital art and art reproductions. The development and production of life science solutions is another focus area.

All Hahnemühle papers have been certified by independent institutes to be highly resistant to ageing - in order to meet the highest requirements of customers.

Hahnemühle Photo Paper Range

Hahnemühle Photo Papers is part of the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Range, and is an assortment of universally usable inkjet papers that are ideal for daily  printing. This easy to use paper range displays a very good quality and provide an attractive price point, making them an excellent choice for photos, poster prints and photo books.

Cellulose based natural papers or resin coated substrate materials, combined with an optimised inkjet coating for photo application, ensure the best results for everyday printing.