Photo Factory Online

    Photo Factory Online
      Selling high margin creative photo products online

Sell creative photo products online including cards, canvas, collages, posters,
photo books, calendars, photo gifts, promotional items and much more.
Hundreds of pre-loaded products and designs. You can create your own
products and designs, no programming skills required. Compete successfully
and sell more high margin products.

  •  No initial installation fee
  • No software update fee, always run on the lastest version
  • No support or service call fee
  • Free Dakis Job Downloader to harvest orders

Products that will make you sell throughout the year!

If you can imagine a photo on a product, you can offer it through the Photo Factory.

Hundreds of free templates
Select from hundreds of preloaded product designs..
Create your own creative product adapted to your business.
(no programming skills required)
Purchase third party templates and add them to your account.
(no programming skills required)

Easy to use = more sales and recurring business

Products are showcased in a very nice electronic catalogue environment. The Photo Factory Platform is easy to use by consumers. The streamlined ordering process translates in more order completion, more recurring business and more sales. No login required or photo album to create; two items that frustrates consumers and greatly reduces online orders.

Integrated in your website with your look, your brand, your customers

The Photo Factory is completely integrated in your website therefore leveraging your brand identity and offering consumers the best shopping experience. We leverage your website look and feel because your corporate image is very important.

Web based, PC & Mac, on all browsers

The Photo Factory Platform is completely web-based, runs on both PC and Mac, and is compatible with all browsers.

Always run on the latest and best version to stay ahead of the competition and to protect your investment

Because the Photo Factory is a web-based solution, you always get the latest enhancements and standard features automatically activated at no additional cost. No more waiting on DVDs or downloads for enhancements. Always offer your customers the latest and best shopping experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Affordable and lowest total cost of operations

No software to purchase, no large capital investment, no integration fees and no need to purchase new versions or upgrades. The Photo Factory also comes complete with hundreds of preloaded product designs worth thousands of dollars. This is a very affordable solution with no hidden fees or large capital investments so you are sure to make more money.

Speed = larger orders

You benefit from having Dakis’ fast photo upload system, allowing your customers to spend less time uploading photos and more time to work on creating their order more rapidly.

Integrated shopping cart and easy to manage = save time and avoid headaches

The Photo Factory Platform is easy to manage so you save time with no hassle. You have complete creative control to create any product that you or your customers desire. There are no complicated, expensive shopping cart integrations.

Selling throughout the year!

We are constantly adding new templates and more products so that you can focus on advertising, marketing and selling and we do all the heavy lifting to make your daily work much easier.

Integrated coupons
and promotions module.
Setup your own business rules, minimum order amount and much more! Set your pricing and volume pricing in your online account
No programming required Multi-store features, reporting and shopping cart option available. Reports and statistics

A few customers in action