The NEW Epson SL-D1060 Dry-film Minilab
Now with Duplexing Photobook & Calendar Capability
Epson SureLab D1060 printer

The SL-D1060 Dry-film Minilab is designed for low-medium volume production. It can be operated as a standalone machine or in multiples for heightened production. It incorporates a high precision Epson Micro Piezo™ Thin Film Print™ (TFP) head that enables accurate and consistent output in resolutions up to 1440 x 720 dpi. It features an upgraded 6-colour ink set that is applied using Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT), for outstanding image quality with an enhanced gamut and dMax. Staying true to the SureLab series, the D1060 is compact, lightweight, and requires minimal operational space. It can produce up to 460 4x6" borderless prints per hour, using cost-effective sheet and roll-based media that comes in sizes ranging between 3.5" to A4, with a variety of surface finishes. The printer ships with a powerful Windows® and Macintosh® OS driver to enable operation, with standard photo and graphic software. It can also be used with optional Epson Order Controller to provide a full production system complete with costing, image editing, job scheduling, and load balancing.


The Duplex model is now capable of profitable photobook and calendar applications through use of Epson’s new SureLab double-sided sheet media.

this is an image of Epson SureLab D1060 printer in many different views



  • - High Flexibility – outputs single-sided prints (borderless or with a border) on cost effective roll-based media. 
  •   An optional Duplex unit allows for double-sided prints on sheet media.
  • - High Productivity – up to 460 4x6" prints per hour in production mode with a 18.5s rapid 
  •   single-print mode for event operation.1
  • - High Precision – Epson Micro Piezo TFP for predictable and consistent output in resolutions up to 1440x720dpi
  •   with VSDT for with superior halftones, precise colour and density control.
  • - High Quality – Epson UltraChrome D6r-S ink with a low-heat media output slot for prints that exit dry
  •   with high depth, vibrant colour, and a durable, scratch-resistant finish.
  • - Flexible Output – uses a new range of Gloss and Lustre roll media in widths from 3.5" to A4 
  •   and will print in lengths from 50mm to 1m. With the optional duplex unit it can also be used
  •   with double-sided sheet media, available in a variety of sizes, finishes and weights5.
  • - Expanded Media Range – a new range of Gloss and Lustre roll media in widths from 3.5" to A4, 
  •   and Gloss and Lustre double-sided sheet media print with and without borders in lengths from 50mm to 1m5.
  • - Easy to Operate – simple to use with desktop control and direct control complete with an LCD screen. 
  •   Features all-front-loaded consumables with no special handling processes, an integrated auto-cutter, 
  •   front-mounted paper cut waste bin and pop-up output tray. Print direct from common photo applications 
  •   or use optional Epson Order Controller for easy production with job costing, image editing, 
  •   job scheduling and load balancing.2
  • - Easy to Integrate – high speed USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfacing, ultra-compact and light-weight 
  •   with low power consumption & heat output. Can be operated on a desk or installed in a kiosk cabinet2. 
  •   Supplied with an advanced Windows & Macintosh driver. Supports Epson Cloud Solution PORT 
  •   for enhanced remote monitoring and analysis.
  • - High Durability – 400,000 print duty cycle, backed by a comprehensive service cover 
  •   that can be extended up to 5 years.4
   This is a vertical image showing the ink loading as well as control panel and paper tray of the SL-D1060 Printer



1. Epson ‘Duplex’ Media - (Cut Sheet Media Types) – Avail. in both Gloss & Lustre Surface in 190gsm & 225gsm:

A-5 (2 x 400 sheets)
A-4 (2 x 400 sheets)
4"x 6" (2 x 400 sheets)
5"x 7" (2 x 400 sheets)
8"x 10" (2 x 400 sheets)
15.2cm x 15.2cm (400 sheets)
21.0 x 21.0cm (2 x 400 sheets)

2. Epson ‘Simplex’ Minilab Roll Media - Avail. in both Gloss & Lustre Surface in 250gsm:

3.5" x 65m (4 rolls)
4" x 65m (4 rolls)
5" x 65m (4 rolls)
6" x 65m (4 rolls)
8" x 65m (2 rolls)
A-4 x 65m (2 rolls)

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1 Operation in Event Mode shortens the print process. It should only be used for single print production and images should be handled carefully after they exit the machine as they will require a small amount of additional time to dry.
2 Although the D1060 consumes less power and produces less heat than competing product, a fan may be required when installed in an enclosure.
3 Epson Order Controller Software supports all SureLab models and a wide range of Epson Stylus Pro and SureColor printers (max 44" wide). It can be configured to automatically direct prints of a given size to a particular printer. Job splitting and balancing is only supported on SureLab models and requires all machines to be the same type/model. It does not support Macintosh OS.
4 Printers are provided with a 1 year warranty. Cover can be extended up to a maximum total of 5 years through purchase of an optional CoverPlus Pack either at the time of initial printer purchase or within 365 days. Cover on options is 90 days unless purchased together with a printer in which case cover is extended to match the printer.
Service will be provided free on-site for equipment located in nominated Australian locations (outside these locations on-site service can still be provided subject to imposition of a travelling/ remote service charge). Reliable and consistent performance requires that SureLab printers be installed correctly,
be operated in an appropriate environment, have user maintenance performed on a regular basis (as directed by the machine &/or in the user manual), and be used with correct and genuine Epson consumables including ink, media, ribbons, and maintenance items (see the consumables tab on this web site for details).
Any failure to follow these conditions may result in CoverPlus &/or Warranty being invalidated. Customers are recommended to additionally review the Epson Australia SureLab Warranty statement for details regarding on-site service locations, and for a full list of terms and conditions prior to purchase.
5 The D1060 media is rated for this printer only and should not be used with any other Epson printer. All other media is, likewise, not certified for use with the D1060 and may void warranty.